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The human body has beauty and transcendent power to heal itself.

At the same time, the soul has an innate wisdom that allows it to evolve naturally.

I’m here to help you tap into that power and live a life you love.

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Karen D'Antonio




Welcome to Wholistically Healed!

Where natural healing and empowerment go hand in hand. With over three decades of nursing experience, I have honed my skills as a holistic practitioner, helping others heal from the inside out. Each person is unique, so I tailor individual sessions to meet your needs. 

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Hi, I'm Karen,
Your Healing Coach.

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You Can Heal Your Life and Awaken Your Power Within.

Are you feeling stuck, like your life has come to a standstill, and you are unsure how to move forward?

Do you have unfelt emotions that are holding you back from your desires and your dreams?

Do you have physical symptoms and you've tried 'everything' and you're still looking for a solution?

Are you going through a tough time and seeking guidance and support?

As an empath, registered nurse, and trained healer, I offer coaching programs that help you break free from false understandings, outdated patterns, and deeply held pain.  When you transform your inner world, you outer world will follow. You can create a life full of what you most want and deserve.

I get it... I have been there.


Learn about my Private and Group Sessions

Coaching Sessions

Private sessions are uniquely developed based on individual needs, setting the intention to bring your body mind and soul back into alignment.

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Healing Sessions

Discover the power of holistic healing for a happier, healthier you.

Get a roadmap to healing and  experience energy transformation.

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Group Sessions

Transformation happens together in our group setting. We nurture, support, and encourage one another through the challenges offered during our time together.

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Let Others Inspire You

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Karen, and I can honestly say it has been a transformative experience. From the very beginning Karen created a warm and welcoming space, making me feel completely at ease."

Beth S.

"Karen's treatment plan was tailored specifically to my needs, incorporating various techniques such as herbal remedies, meditation and energy healing. I was amazed at how each sessions left me feeling more balanced and rejuvenated, both physically and emotionally."

Wendy V.
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May 13, 2024

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