Kinesiology Saved My Son’s Life

Mar 12, 2024

 My service work as a kinesiologist was born in 2013 when my son Nick, at the age of 18, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. We were told at that time that the only treatment would be for him to have a kidney transplant. As a mom, I was helpless.

As a nurse, I did all the research I could. And as a believer in spiritual healing, I had access to a community. When we finally found a Health Kinesiologist who made significant progress with Nick’s condition, we saw positive changes in his bloodwork, and he began to feel better. Having been introduced to this work, I observed every one of Nick’s sessions and found them fascinating.

Subsequently, I studied kinesiology in Minnesota for 2 years. I learned it myself to help my son stay off dialysis. In 2015, Nick suffered from a severe food allergy, and in 2016, our eldest son, Alex, supplied his loving brother with a kidney transplant.

I am so grateful to say that today, I have two healthy sons! Since then I have used kinesiology in my practice, helping others to find the path to healing. I learned, without a doubt, that there is beauty and transcendent power in the human body to heal itself.

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