I get you, I understand how deep the pain goes.

Mar 12, 2024

 I’ve been there and still go through those nights of the soul. I feel the powerlessness, the hopelessness; I’ve even gone to the depths of wanting to end it all. 

I’ve experienced very lonely times, feeling lost and abandoned. Still, there is something within me that gives me the courage to move forward, to continue, and to know there is something greater outside of me that supports me.

I feel hope within despair, and gratitude when feeling rejected, and I know that I can assist you wherever you’re at. Please don’t give up we all have a greater purpose in our lives, and if we give up we will never experience the greatness, the love, and the bliss of what we have come to this earth to experience.

What is this greater power outside of us that never leaves us, believes in us that power is Spirit, God, the Universe. Anyway, you choose to name it and connect to this higher power.

We are never alone, dear souls; it is the illusion that we choose to believe, Spirit lives within us and is all around us. We just need to choose it.

I co-create with spirit together, we assist you on your healing journey through positive coaching along with healing. The best of both worlds combined assist you to live a better life. 

Step in, trust, and enjoy the healing journey you will not be the same person when you step in.

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